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Established in 1980, Greenschemes has been providing fully integrated professional services to homes and businesses across the Eastern and Inner Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.
Greenschemes offer services in design, landscape construction and garden maintenance for projects ranging in size from small courtyard spaces to large residential sites.

We offer a range of licensed landscaping services for your needs including landscape structures, systems, design and horticultural advice  

We do not do recurring garden maintenance, but one off garden renovation and plant care.  


Below are photos of our Kinglake nursery,

here we grow and maintain a wide variety of beautiful flora awaiting the moment we shift them as mature plants into your new landscape project.

Greenschemes is in a class of a Domestic Builder licensed (Limited) for structural landscaping. Meaning Greenschemes has been through rigorous testing from the Victoria Building Authority (VBA) for qualifications, work experience and knowledge of the building acts and regulations of Victoria. Any landscape works involving structural components exceeding $5,000 requires a registered landscape builder to complete the works. For landscape works exceeding $16,000 of the project value the registered landscape builder must provide Home Warranty Insurance which covers the homeowner for any defective or incomplete residential building work. Ask your landscaper, “Are you a Registered Builder Practitioner?”  


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